Trunk or Treat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't get me wrong - I love Halloween.

But when did this holiday become a month long? Especially when Halloween lands on a Saturday this year, why am I taking my kid trunk or treating on the 24th? By the time she finishes with trick or treating at school on Thursday, trick or treating Friday at the gym and a possible Halloween hayride on Friday, not to mention trick or treating on Halloween proper, how do I convince my child that it is only one day in October that we dress up like Green Princess fairies (opposed to the generic fairy princess costume she wears 4 x a week) and pester adults for candy?

Last Saturday's Trunk or Treat at her day care was the first real Halloween activity she'd experienced. (We were supposed to trick or treat last year but the trick was on us when we collectively came down with the stomach bug. Happy Halloween!) She claimed she wanted to be Scooby Doo...or a ghost...or a SCARY ghost, but when Harlow saw the sparkly green fairy costume her Nana bought her, she became the Sparkly Green Fairy ( Princess Absinthe? Go ahead and take it, Disney. That's a freebie.) no questions asked. I thought she looked lovely, even though the weather was a crisp 50s and we had to layer her leotard over pants and a long sleeved shirt. Everyone else oohed and aahed over the fairy butterfly sprite, in particular an anonymous Asian family who individually posed with Harlow as if she were a Disney princess on parade. She took it like a pro, posing with an air of bemused tolerance. I restrained myself from taking pictures of the people taking pictures.


Things we Say

Overheard in the hallway:

H: I'm not super.
C: You're not super? I think you're super.
H: No. I don't have a cape.

Everybody Panic

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm taking a quick second to pop out of my cave to to explain to my three readers (Hi Mom!) that it's not you, it's me.

We just sold our house. Boxes are everywhere as our closing date looms. We are prepping for a temporary move to downtown as we try to figure out the next step, and the stress level is a wee bit higher than normal, so please forgive the big bloggy gaps in between posts.

I leave you with some of Harlow's current expressions, thanks to WKNO, Nickelodeon, her day care and quite possibly, her parents.

Get outta my house! - to the realtors, buyers, appraisers, repairmen, and the scads of other folks coming in and out all day.

"I can't like that!" - I like the built in excuse here. It's not that she doesn't like it, she's physically prohibited from, say, bathing.

"I'm the princess, you the door (dwarf)" - her favorite role playing exercise, where she either pretends to sleep like Snow White until she is discovered by the anxious Dwarves (Dad) or she boo-hoos (with panache I must add ) until her fairy godmother (mom) arrives to grant her a wish. The wish usually involves buttons, a duck, a cash register and some shoes. I think I need to have her explain the rules again.

"You're the Princess" - this happens when the two of us are WAY out of earshot, Ariel the mermaid comes up in conversation, and I launch into said mermaid's ah ah AHHHHH theme song. When I do this, the child looks at me like I was delivered to her juggling Dora, Diego and Curious George while riding on Mr. Disney's shoulders. It kills. Sadly, to the trained ear, so does my voice. But in those moments, I AM the princess.

"One, two, ocho" - thanks to Diego, our daughter is now confirming she gets her math brain from her mom.

"Everybody Panic!" courtesy of Word World, and perhaps, our current state of affairs. This is accompanied by screams and a desire to cram herself into a 2 x 2 box.

I know the feeling, kid.

Happy Anniversary

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Four years ago tonight, I somehow managed to make the most wonderful, handsome, talented man in all of California my husband. My better half even accompanied me to my afternoon reading with the Rhodes' Better Halves, and I couldn't have been more proud - or comforted - to have him by my side, giggling at me as I desperately searched for an upbeat way to end my reading after the segment on Indian mothers in-law burning their daughters in-law on fire.

I love you, sweet man o mine. Here's to many, many more!



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fire + a kiddo obsessed with camping after themed episodes of Word World and Caillou = a haze of chocolately marshmallowy goodness.




The Marshmallow Test

Monday, October 12, 2009

Speaking of marshmallow-y goodness, did I get around to posting this last week?

Different news outlets had reported on the "marshmallow test," where young children were tempted with a plate bearing one marshmallow. They could eat that 1 marshmallow now, but if they were to wait just a few minutes, they would be rewarded with two. The study examined children who delayed gratification and saw that there were dramatic correlations in grades, achievements of goals and overall personal satisfaction. So while you are either gloating over your superior restraint or feeling shamed like the rest of us, you can watch how these kids fared:

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

James Lee House

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today's droopy mess of a day seems like the perfect time to post about my amazing tour last week. The James Lee House sits on the corner of Adams and High St., and in its day, it was a proud monument to Victorian architecture and capitalism in all its four-story see all the way to the river glory. Turn around and you're looking at Section 8 apartments and the dreary Memphis Housing Authority headquarters, so let's not look that way.


The house once functioned as the art school that became the Memphis College of Art, but it hasn't been occupied in over fifty years. The house is literally crumbling to its foundations, but its grand, sweeping lines and ornate details are hanging on.





Scott Blake and Victorian Village Inc are in the process of transferring ownership from the city to the Center City Commission with the hope that with all of its tax incentives and easements, the right buyer will come along and restore the James Lee House to its former glory. In the meantime, I want to grab my camera, gather up some girlfriends in long flowy dresses and turn them loose. Doesn't it scream fashion shoot?



Soul Sister

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I stopped reading the books. I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point I must have realized that I could actually get through the day without unwittingly destroying my child, and I stopped reflexively reaching for the What to Expect or the Google to forsee the next big crisis. It's nice feeling the confidence that you can get by on just your gut telling you that maybe 2 hours of Dora is maybe too much today - that those avocados and green beans she voluntarily ate for dinner don't cancel out the TV and the pretzel you bribed her with at Target. But sometimes I think maybe I should be reading the books. Just because I stopped doesn't mean she's not going through fascinating developmental changes and documented milestones.

At this point she's not going through the crazy day by day changes of infancy, and the changes that do occur have been pretty well documented by the friends and family that have bravely gone before us. How often did you hear friends bemoan that they now had to watch everything they said because the baby now "repeated EVERYTHING." But my kid? She usually just bounces back the last word you said, and I realized to my delight that its like have my own 60s girl group backing band.

Me: (in response to a question) Oh I think we're gonna grab some lunch and head downtown.
Harlow: ...downtown!

Me: I thought you bought the detergent.
Harlow: DeTERgent!

The Target Halloween display: That hurts! Ouch!!
Harlow, repeatedly: Ouch! Ouch!!!!!!!

So it's not always charming, especially when overheard on the phone discussing salient points of Dan Save's latest Savage Love podcast. (So filthy, so funny, and so not for toddlers' ears)