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Thursday, September 9, 2010

from Small Magazine

With print magazines biting the dust regularly, it's nice to see online ventures popping up in their place.

Lonny became the new Domino, but Rue, partly created by Anne Sage of the eye candyilicious City Sage blog, is looking to take its crown.

When the ridiculous, sublime Cookie fell, I scratched my ridiculous toddler fantasia itch with Small Magazine, a beautiful, quirky collection of artwork, clothes and toys for the tiny set.

Newest on the scene is La Petite Mag, created by a girl so beautifully Nordic in appearance that it makes me a bit angry that my Anderson genes lack the ability to give me blunt cut blonde bangs.

Ooh, and definitely can't forget Erin Loechner's Design for Mankind, which is always beautiful, and always kinda defies description.

What magazines do you read online?


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