Tumblring down

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This blog started as a way for me to chronicle the f-ed up dreams I was having during my first pregnancy. As time marched on, so did the blog's focus. My freelance work and photography started to take center stage as the peaks and valleys of motherhood started to level off into one endless trail run. I've even found myself hesitating to talk about things kid/pregnancy related here as it's not really "professional" or work related. And as pregnancy sharply increases my tendency to fling about 4 letter words and icky medical conditions, maybe I need to find a better forum for it.

So I started a tumblr account that focuses solely on this pregnancy.

And I updated it. But then I kinda felt bad for segregating all those thoughts. And really? Do I need another blog? So I haven't quite decided how to handle the personal vs. the professional. I'm not even sure the blogosphere has that quite figured out. I'm just gambling that a prospective client interested in boudoir photography might not want to hear me prattling on about the effect of progesterone on my digestive tract.

But then, my clients tend to have really wicked senses of humor.

All this to say is that the hormones are compelling me to write some of this shit down to get it out of my overloaded, hormonally saturated system. And, according to my archives, I am right on target. So if you are interested in my take on Fetus 2: The Revenge, I'll be over there. When not here.


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