Who You Gonna Call?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our trip to Chicago was truly one of the most fun getaways we’ve had in recent memory.

But it wasn’t all fabulous.

The first night we crashed at a Marriott down the road from my sister in-law’s house. Two queen beds. I’m not gonna lie that I was disappointed when Harlow opted to get out of my bed and go cuddle with her dad. I stretched out and immediately fell fast asleep.

Until about 3 AM.

I felt Harlow getting back into bed with me and with my eyes still closed, I stretched out my arms to receive her.

The body I felt next to me was most definitely not my daughter.

My first thought was that Caleb had decided to come shack up with me. How novel.

I felt long arms wrap around me.

And I knew they did not belong to my husband.

I kept my eyes clamped shut. My heart starting thudding. I told myself over and over that I was dreaming

And no matter what

do. not. open. my. eyes.

So I didn’t.

I fell asleep, and woke up in an empty bed.

In all likelihood I was asleep the entire time and just having a very, very vivid dream about an amorous ghost in a suburban Chicago Marriott.

But I wasn’t about to peek to be sure.

So in honor of invisible men sleeping in your bed, here's some vintage Ray Parker, Jr. for you. You're welcome.