The Happiness Store

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Next weekend, some innovative thinkers are banding together to show the city of Memphis what an up and coming neighborhood could look like with a little elbow grease and pixie dust. Liveable Memphis is working with local civic leaders, city boosters and bike enthusiasts to create bicycle lanes on Broad Avenue, open up large swathes for pedestrians - and what got me excited - temporarily invite local businesses or would-be businesses to set up shop.

My first thought? After I struck down the logistically-tricky candy shop of my dreams and Caleb's furniture/word working space?

The Happiness Store.

In the vein of 826 Valencia's Pirate Store and 826 LA's Time Travel Mart, the Happiness Store would be an art installation/social experiment/market where those inclined could buy a piece of happiness.

What might the store offer?

A comedian offering compliments for $1 a minute.

An artist sketching silhouettes that would make for great stocking stuffers.

A magician doing magic tricks.

A $1 and $5 Mystery Bag

Polaroids of people's smiles.

A child's donated stuffed animal that could 100% cure the buyer's fear of the dark.

A local DJ's happiness-themed mixed tape.

The silliness factor would hopefully make people happy just upon entrance. The work/skills available for purchase would show off our local creative talent. And maybe it would inspire someone to open up a shop on Broad Avenue for reals.

What would you sell/buy at The Happiness Store?


  1. For reals. You start a franchise. I'll buy in.

  2. Why can't Caleb have a furniture store? It worked for Aiden on SATC!

  3. Link for Broad Avenue facelift:

  4. What would I sell? Good food. That makes me happy.

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