Friday, November 5, 2010

ellen von unwerth

Quick, unscientific poll for you.

If you had to pick up one of these books/dvds to tide you over for an airport layover, which title would likely grab you? The cover - and plot - might suggest two mysterious sisters.

1) Crimson House

2) Fortune Telling for Fun and Popularity

3) Blood Sisters

4) The Blood Sisters Book of the Dead


  1. Definitely Fortune Telling for Fun and Popularity. It is unique and accompanies the photo nicely.

  2. hmmn... they're all good but i like 3...

  3. I like Fortune Telling for Fun and Popularity. Def sounds like something I would read.

  4. Do you know the story, "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munsch? I don't know how big he is in the States, but he tells some pretty off-the-wall stories ... Of course you likely know "I love you forever ..."

    Anyway, you may give it a listen here ... http://robertmunsch.com/the-paper-bag-princess/

    2 funny things about this Hallowe'en: My daughters, ages 6 and 7, both requested "princess" costumes, so I proceeded to sew "Elizabethan Maiden" costumes for each. Wherever they went, when people asked and they told, I then whispered, rather loudly, They THINK they are princesses, but really they are Elizabethan Ladies in Waiting.

    Second, being that the generation that is of clubbing age now would have grown up on Robert Munsch's stories, my husband and I (born 1967) saw two PaperBag princesses complete WITH dragons at a diner at 3am on Hallowe'en morning!

  5. "crimson house"...most mysterious & intriguing.

  6. I love how varied the responses are! Now I just need to finish my book and see which one sticks.
    @Karen - thanks for sharing this. We're headed to the library today where I'll look for a copy. Sadly, I only knew Paper Bag Princess as a crazy expensive vintage shop in LA!

  7. #2! Sounds fun, quirky and intelligent. The others take me to the vampire genre. (Insanely popular, just not my bag.)