My Girl

Sunday, December 5, 2010

camera shy

So much of my world lately has been reduced down to shoot, edit, blog it, oh yeah the fetus and did I make my word count today? that the most important thing in my life hasn't gotten much face time around here.

And I mean, what a face, right?

Kiddo and I got to spend some much needed quality time this weekend, from a super fun (at least for her) Rock N Romp with the Luv Clowns, the downtown Christmas parade, her Chuck E Cheese debut and a yuletide Victorian tea at the Fontaine Mansion. And the consistent thread throughout all of these events?

People in costumes and clown makeup scare the shit out of her.

But when she's not running away screaming from, say, a necklace-bearing Boll Weevil at the parade, she's really awesome to be around. I know I'm biased, but I'm also extremely sarcastic and jaded and have slowly learned that it's all just bluster in the face of this truly amazing kid. Her memory recall terrifies me. She lives for Lady Gaga and chocolate. She LOVES babies, toddlers, and will go out of her way to be kind to just about anyone. She appointed herself cheerleader for the kids hogging the bowling and basketball games at Chuck E Cheese, clapping and jumping up and down while they stared at her, I guess trying to figure her angle.

But she doesn't have one.

It is truly humbling to be in the presence of someone so genuinely...genuine. Without the cymbalta to keep my emotions ratcheted down, and the fact that my body is a raging hormone factory, just thinking about how sweet she is - and how lucky I am for her to be mine -is enough to make me break down and weep. Again. And I'm still drinking too much soda to just let the dehydration run rampant.

So I'm gonna stop here. But not before I just tell the entire blogosphere that sometimes I get sad at the thought of the new addition to the family, because it won't just be her anymore. And if anyone deserves the spotlight, it's my girl.

The new kid's got a tough act to follow.


  1. Caleb had to follow Lara...another tough act to follow. Just think about how he turned out!