Cody & Carter are engaged

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June has not been kind to Memphis. We've been stumbling through the kind of punch-to-the-face heat that is typically reserved for Elvis Week, so it was with little surprise that Cody and Carter and I ventured to Mud Island in the kind of weather much better suited to exploring the Amazon, not shooting engagement portraits. But the lovely, sunny pair were troopers, enduring mosquitos, stultifying heat, and a monorail that - for just a second there - was one degree hotter than the sun.

I'm so looking forward to capturing their big day in( a hopefully cooler) July!











Big Easy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When I was 13, my parents brought me to New Orleans for the first time. Over the span of one weekend, I sang backup in a Bourbon Street bar, ate my first beignet, and was told by a palm reader that I was marked by a sign that suggested I possessed great psychic power.

I never wanted to leave.

Now that I'm in Memphis, the 6 hour journey seems plain stupid not to make, especially when borrowing my folks' minivan with the TV to entertain the 3 year old. Unfortunately we got on the road late because of an afternoon shoot, so we didn't cruise into New Orleans until 11. Happily our innkeepers were waiting for us and checked us into Melpomene.


If you ever stop in New Orleans, stay with Brett and Rachel at the McKendrick-Breaux house. You can't go wrong with a rambling Garden District mansion, clawfoot tubs, chicory-laced coffee and a room named after one of Zeus' daughters.


The purpose of the trip was to spend a whirlwind day with my Angeleno friend Heather who is in town working on the Green Lantern. She had quite the itinerary planned for us. Brunch at Commander's Palace, followed by a streetcar ride up St. Charles. Drinks in a surprisingly cute cafe on Bourbon. Quick shopping on Magazine. More drinks at the Columns Hotel, the film location of Pretty Baby, where we were joined by the lovely Hailey Jiles and her paramour, Jon.

To cap off the evening, we journeyed through an exceedingly sketchy neighborhood to wind up at Bacchanal. If I watched Treme, I would have realized what I was in for. You buy wine and cheese inside a decrepit looking wine shop, then make your way through the kitchen and stumble out into a large backyard where the chef is outside grilling cauliflower with chocolate and seared tuna with watermelon. A live Gypsy jazz trio works it on the deck. Your cheese arrives with olives and garlic bread, served up by a raven-haired, tatted-up hipster. Christmas lights twinkle. A light rain falls. It couldn't have been art directed any better.

It was an amazing 24 hours in New Orleans. Harlow is already planning our return.



b mary


street car




New Orleans

Monday, June 28, 2010

We're back home from a super quick but amazingly fun trip to New Orleans, so I'll have travel pics and an adorable engagement session up asap. In the meantime, a New Orleans sneak. Try not to lick the screen.



Thursday, June 24, 2010

I think it may be time for a hipstamatic intervention.

In the meantime, horsey!


tomorrow's forecast

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Big fat clouds + big fat headache = storm approximately 11 AM tomorrow. Check back here tomorrow and see if I have a future as a weather girl or a Bourbon Street palm reader.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the only dad who rivals my own, I love you so. Just so you know, I think I may have to put this up on my wall and cover it with hearts and call you Tigerbeat from now on.


(I love you, too, dad. Perhaps a portrait with your coronet?)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Danielle has curves for miles. She also knows how to short circuit a camera with a mere look from those sexy, smoky eyes. Unfortunately I can only serve up the tiniest appetizer of those aformentioned curves and peepers, but then, what is a successful boudoir session if doesn't leave you wanting (SO MUCH!) more?






Thanks, Dani, for a sexy, sultry, inspiring afternoon!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remind me to build a sacrificial altar and sing praises in honor of Selena Macadams, because she just has this uncanny knack forintroducing me to the loveliest people to photograph. The Schneiders are the epitome of style and laid back attitude, evidenced by their gorgeous sweetheart of a baby girl, Kana. We spent a ridiculously hot but fun afternoon capturing the family at play. Kana managed to scrape her belly within seconds of me showing up, and there were tears and blotchiness, yet she managed to give me perfect frames after perfect frames. And you don't see peek-a-boo get much cuter than this.

Thanks for letting me hang with your lovely family!













Monday, June 14, 2010

What a lovely Sunday.

I opened up my door, and in came Michael Hughes, a wildly talented amateur chef, along with his sous-chefs Max and Ritchie.

As I made myself a cocktail, delicious smells began wafting from the kitchen.

I arranged flowers.


Spinach was sauteed. Vegetarian oysters Rockefeller were plated.


I slipped on my heels and made myself another cocktail.

Guests arrived, and we preceded to spend the next 2 hours eating a fabulous five course meal perfectly paired with crisp, heady wines.



We then retired to the roof for more cocktails.

When I returned to the kitchen, I realized I was drunk because I had to be in the wrong apartment, or I just didn't recognize what my kitchen looked like spotless.

I then kicked off the heels and watched the season premiere of True Blood. And then realized I was drunk. Or were there actually a lot of shirtless men strutting around on the TV? And it wasn't Bravo?

Thanks, eaTable, for letting us host such a memorable soiree. I'm ready to do it again tonight!

Butterfly Biscuit Berry Cobbler

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good Compromise:

1-1 draw, USA vs. England in the World Cup match

Bad Compromise:

Taking the 3 year old to watch the match at a BBQ joint while her parents and scores of strangers yelled at the TV and then trying to explain that the droning sound that accompanied the game was not, in fact, a swarm of killer bees.

Good Compromise:

Becks' consistent injuries keeping him on the sidelines for lingering closeups in that million dollar suit

Bad Compromise:

Combining diapers and a corporate ad agency's attempt to take a real product into viral video territory. Seriously. WTF?

Good compromise:

Baking a cobbler after realizing all the pie dishes are still in storage and the kid demands to use her butterfly cookie cutter

Bad compromise:

Um, no such thing when the result is this yummy.


The Unlikely Fan

Friday, June 11, 2010

In honor of the World Cup and Caleb's dear friend and former roommate, here is Brendan Hunt on last night's Jimmy Fallon.

Holy crap, Brendan! You were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

and Go USA!!!

They are family

Seriously. This is what I have to compete with on a daily basis. So why try?


Amanda & Noah Get Married

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm just going to say it. Amanda terrified me in college. She was a force in my college's theater department, witty, fiercely intelligent, beautiful and confident in a way most women spend decades medicating and aerobicizing to find but never quite manage. I had heard she went to New York after graduation, and I fled to the opposite coast, not knowing much about my fellow gradusates until Facebook conspired to put us all back on one tiny virtual campus . Funny how nearly a decade and half later we would reunite in Memphis, and I had the privilege of shooting her wedding to the incomparable Noah Diamond.

The day teased us with rain, gushing just minutes before the ceremony. But the sun came out, the air cooled down, and it was a perfect wedding, complimented with toasts, grandma's banana pudding and the sweetest love song performed by Noah and friends to his brand new wife.

Noah and Amanda, it was a honor capturing your amazing day!

*edited to say thank you with a big ole kiss to my sweet man who was cutest. second. shooter. EVAH.