Haley & Adam & Baby to Be

Friday, July 30, 2010

A sweet little sneak from yesterday's maternity session


Cody & Carter Get Married

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You don't get more adorable than Cody and Carter, a warmhearted southern belle and dashing mogul in the making, respectively. This past Saturday they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at IC, and it seemed only fitting that just like the day of their engagement session, the very air threatened to catch fire from the heat index. I have never before been so thankful for a wedding ceremony inside the gorgeous Immaculate Conception cathedral. The party continued well into the night at Opera Memphis, where guests dined and danced until it was time for the newlyweds to make their getaway in a baby blue Cadillac Eldorado. Thanks to Tate Wilson for the impeccable coordination and to Chip Chockley and Katie Maish for their indispensable assistance.

Congratulations to Carter and Cody on their new journey together as husband and wife!











yummy desserts shot by Chip Chockley





action shots by Chip:




Women of a Certain Age

Fwd: unwrinkle

I understand its a competitive market in the world of skin care.

Promises are made, lines and spots and other unsightly imperfections threatened to extinction.

I'm not above shelling out some birthday cash to try and look a bit like I did several birthdays ago, so I scooped a little Peter Thomas Roth combo pack on a trip to Sephora.

I'm excited to see if my fine lines will be diminished, but 72% of my facial expressions erased?

If I can no longer smile, frown or otherwise move my facial muscles, I suppose I've gotten my money's worth?

Afternoon Delight: Sneak Peek

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Holy cow I can't wait to share more pics from my afternoon with *Daisy. Fearless, sexy, adventurous AND capable of making a zebra mask formerly tacked up on a suburban wall smokin hot.

I love my job!!

One more sneak

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I couldn't help. She's just so freakin cute!


Cody & Carter Get Married: Sneak Peek

The tiniest little sneak peek from a ginormous, kickass wedding weekend...


Double Rainbow

Funny how "riffing" off of something is just one step to the left (and two letters off) of ripping something off.

That said, as an ode to Oh Joy's This and That series...

Wear my rainbow dress and eat my sister's rainbow cake!


Or you could always just watch the double rainbow. It's so intense.

I am too old for this shit


Can you see those suckers? That's all me, baby. Bags big enough to bring home the groceries and then responsibly reuse them. I got home after 1 AM from work, just beating the rock star husband who rolled in from a gig and drinks at (giggle) the Lamplighter. He talked with semi-awe/contempt about mustachioed hipsters. I complained about my feet after standing in brand new espadrilles for nine hours straight. We both then realized we were too old to be awake and continuing such an old foagie conversation, so we went to sleep.

You want to know when we woke up?

10 motherflippin 30, y'all. That was eight hours of non-moving, crazy ass dreaming, sexy uninterrupted SLEEP. I felt like I had been blasted out of concrete when I woke, but DANG it felt good to just crash.

I'd like to thank Nana and Papa for the childcare to make this possible. I'd also like to say a big ole thank you for the scary talented Chip Chockley and the loverly Katie Maish for being my wingmen last night.

Gorgeous wedding pics and smokin hot boudoir coming soon!

Home again home again

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last weekend we took a lovely afternoon pontoon ride out on Rend Lake. Halfway through our cruise, Caleb took a call from his agent who informed him he just booked a job.

I pointed out how Hollywood he looked.

Just like Entourage, he deadpanned.

On a pontoon.

* * *

We're back from a super quick jaunt to Nashville and I am ready....to....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sweazy vs. The Great Outdoors Pt. 1

Monday, July 19, 2010


It's not like I've never spent any time outside.

I grew up playing with a pack of neighborhood kids in the woods, building forts, catching frogs, and sipping honeysuckle from the vine. Of course, a baby garter snake slithering by or getting hit with a flying brick from the boy's bike ramps were enough to send me screaming home. But I was 7. I'd get a band-aid and a hit or two from a Snoopy Sno-Cone machine and go charging back outside.

There were the summer church camps in the pit of the South, Mississippi, routinely scheduled in the thick soup of August. Kickball games were won not by the amount of bases run but by the amount of players that hadn't succumbed to heatstroke. Dinners of spaghetti and ice cream were followed by plate licking contests and the inevitable campsite shower where the object wasn't so much to get clean but 1) avoid making contact with any part of the shower, 2) avoiding contact with the mildewed shower curtain and 3) not getting eaten by anything that might be sharing your shower. Then the sleeping in a ramshackle cabin with nine other girls, the sounds of crickets, weeping, and a gasping A/C unit lulling us to sleep.

(image source unknown)

And then there was that summer of Girl Scout camp, with the meanest, scrawniest teen counselors ever assembled to instruct impressionable, young do-gooders "in nature." My counselor was named Rainbow. She had a cap of tight, curly brown hair and liked to wear acid-washed, skintight jeans with her camp t-shirts. The humidity ultimately fused them to her body so that every night she would have to shimmy/dance around our cabin to peel them off. But her favorite method of showing off her lanky physique was by standing over a metal tub outside our cabin and then bending herself in half to scrub her camp t-shirts clean. When I tried to point out that there might be less painful ways of washing her clothes, she snapped that she was "EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE" and then bent even lower into the tub, resembling a camel refreshing itself at stream. I cried that first night, and Rainbow asked me if I wanted to visit The Crying Table. I did not. On the way back from the shower the first evening, we had seen a little girl sobbing at a stone picnic table. Rainbow told us that was The Crying Table where crybabies were banished. I instinctively knew that it was also The Place where Abnormally Large Spiders and Hornet's Nests Lived and I would not be going there. I stopped crying and instead wrote angry letters to my parents for sending me to a place where you risked UTIs rather than trek the woods to pee in the scariest bathroom ever constructed.

All this to say that I have a slight history with the great outdoors.

To me, sleeping in nature is the province of young men with Kerouac fantasies or people looking to winning fame on a reality show.

I like nature. But to quote my nephew, I just wish it wasn't outdoors.

Colors of the (non-existent) wind







Sunday, July 18, 2010


We're back from camping, happily showered and air conditioned and tethered to multimedia devices.

I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised by our weekend.

But not surprised that I need to feel what sheets and a mattress feel like under my poor, sleepy body.

Until tomorrow, an unexpected capture from an unexpectedly delightful weekend.

The Great Outdoors

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Have you ever seen two people more at home in nature?

Don't we look thrilled to be astride one's steed and the other unexpectedly finding herself having to lead it around the ring in one's most expensive sandals?



Well, perhaps SHE does just fine in the great outdoors.


It's a source of great amusement to my husband that my only actual "camping" involved tents with a bed made daily for me on a family trip to Africa.( In my defense, I peed daily in a dirt hole, threw up into another, was nearly killed by 1) a buffalo and 2) an elephant on the same trip. And I would cut off an appendage for the opportunity to go back. A little bitty one)

So, much has been made of the Great Camping Trip of 2010, which unfortunately, falls smack dab in the middle of the hottest part of the summer. We typically spend this part of the year clinging to shade, drinking beer, and playing baggo during Caleb's family reunions in Giant City Park. Yet, we always had the luxury of retreating to our air conditioned cabin.

This weekend, we will be stretched out in campers, doing our best to think frosty thoughts and not dissolve into pools of each other's sweat. Oh, good God ew.

So, see you back here next week for an official mosquito bite tally, how many passive aggressive comments I make to Caleb about paying for a hotel room, and 1,000 word essay on why AIR CONDITIONING is my co-pilot.


Monday, July 12, 2010


Jesus H. Christ.

We are on day 6 of the sans-husbands trip to Colorado, and after the sun-up to sun-down toddler fights, the yelling, the tantrums, and the ever-constant altitude making it near impossible to enjoy a glass of wine without accompanying vertigo, I am about ready to board my daughter and her two cousins on a flight to Yemen and wish them the best.

Instead, I will try to focus on the little slice of sunshine we had yesterday, with all the cousins together, jumping through sprinklers, shedding clothes and for a few blessed moments, being happiness incarnate.


Friday, July 9, 2010

My creation

My apologies for super light posting this week. We've been in Colorado, enjoying family, mountains, fifty degree temps and the unapologetic defeat of humidity.

Here's my face painted equestrian, gearing up for her very first pony ride.

Have a lovely weekend!

Fireworks at the Grove

Monday, July 5, 2010

One does not turn down an invitation to picnic at The Grove.

I grew up a mere 90 minutes from the fabled grassy knoll at the center of Ole MIss' campus, and yet I'd never scored an invitation to tailgate a Rebel football game, let alone actually visited the campus. Then, I never really wanted to. In my head, this was a place of pearls, fancy china in outdoor tents, mean boys in ties and their sorority girlfriends with 18 inch waists. But my fascination with the place has never wavered, so it was a happy surprise when our friend Virginia phoned and announced she and her family were caravanning with others to Ole Miss for a day of picnics and fireworks.

As expected, a picnic in the Grove when school is out for the summer is a wholly different affair. Bad, regional hair bands, bouncey games for the kids, face painting - it was hilarious and fun and a lovely day spent with wonderful friends. Gorgeous fireworks exploded a little too close for comfort - we were literally having to dodge falling embers - but it was an enchanting end to the day. I might even be persuaded to come back during the school season and give it a fair try.







Sunday, July 4, 2010

I believe Harlow can be anything she wants to be.

I can only imagine where her creativity and imagination and smarts will take her.

She could be a teacher. Or president. Or a mother. Or a writer. A movie star. A mechanic.

But I can say with rare certainty that my child will absolutely, undeniably sure as hell not be a nail technician.


I am Riley Beers

Friday, July 2, 2010

If Xavier Samuel of Eclipse

looks like Hilary Swank's twin

and everyone and their grandma thinks I look like Hilary Swank

Should I currently be on a world-wide promotional publicity tour for Eclipse? Just asking.