The belly that ate the wedding

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grrrr. Argh.

the belly that ate the wedding

p.s. There are few things more depressing than running into a wedding guest who is also pregnant and due on the SAME FRICKIN day - with their FOURTH FRICKIN CHILD and they look a good twenty pounds than you. Ok, I guess the only thing more depressing is how much I care.


  1. Oh, you look fantastic and adorable! I wish I would've had the nerve to wear something more form-fitting when I was pregnant. I was too chicken.

  2. ditto! you look gorgeous. I couldn't have pulled it off; I looked like the Venus of Willendorf is SHE was pregnant!
    Love that dress too.

  3. Thanks, Melissa. You made my day! Sort of equaling out the two times this week that strangers have asked if I am carrying twins. I think you look amazing.

  4. Who can focus on that belly with Chip's ass in the picture?? ;)

    You look fantastic. Shuddup!

  5. Thanks, y'all. Needed that. And yes I will have that chocolate croissant!

    @Stacey - I was hoping I could interest him in a transplant. I think he could use some of mine :)

  6. Hey now, let's not get caught up on the inadequacies of my ass!

  7. My prediction:

    You will look back on this photo (and others) in a few years time and wonder why you felt like that ...

    Also, I wonder if the other woman also thought you look gorgeous, and wished she had the fashion sense you have, the glow you have ...

    Sorry, chickie momma. You look divine!

  8. I thrive on photographing women so that they will appreciate the loveliness of their bodies. I'm hoping one day I catch up to my own manifesto.

    Dearest Chip, there's nothing with that trunk. Just looking to spread the wealth :)

  9. you look great! lovely gretings