Monday, February 21, 2011

So who WAS that crazy chick who hijacked my blog last week?

I'm happy to report that management has had her sacked and the appropriate measures are being taken to help her chill the F out.

It's tricky this week as Harlow is out of school for parent/teacher conferences and it's pretty much fallen to me and my 70 lb belly to get this place packed up for our big move this week. But the simple acts of being outside in our freak 75 degree weekend, seeing my husband over the entire weekend and finding a peaceful resolution to our fence drama with the neighbors has gone a long way to make me feel less like an out of control spinning top and now just a heavily pregnant lady who can solely focus on that.

And moving.

But that's actually really, really exciting.

In the meantime, Hi cute baby!

A little sneak from my session with Lucian last week.

upside down

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  1. Oooh ... I like the crazy lady too!

    When I was knocked up heavily with my third child, we renovated my kitchen bath guest room, with everything shoved into the front room. As we hadn't yet re-built a teeny attic room on the top of our house, that left us with the front half of our attic to "live in". I cooked on one burner, washed my dishes in a clawfoot tub, and ... tried not to be too sad that I could barely decorate for Christmas. Yep. Christmas. Don't Ask! Ay vey.

    Anyway, I think you are pretty funky (in a good way) regardless of your level of calm. Good luck with the move!