Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hey y'all,

I wish that I could say that I'm just having a bad week. Unfortunately I'm experiencing one of the most difficult in recent memory, and my posting will continue to be a bit spotty while my family battens down the hatches to weather this most recent storm. My apologies for being so vague. My pregnancy is healthy, and I am focused on it remaining so. I'm hoping I will be able to elaborate more in the coming weeks.

In the meantime....

I'm in this month's local issue of Skirt! Thanks to Grace and Karen ( my lovely client bride), they interviewed me as part of their superfun fashionista blog Memstyle. And thanks to some alchemy of camera, position and luck, I somehow don't look pregnant in this photo, even though it was taken 2 weeks ago!

Thanks to Skirt and Grace and Karen of Memstyle for featuring me. And thanks to Rachel Zoe whom it appears I am trying to ape by pairing various stripes and layers to achieve some kind of preggohobochicness.

That's trademarked.



  1. What an awesome picture (and style) ... hope you have an easy time of managing whatever it is that has come up ... hang in there!

  2. Melissa you look great.People cannot always really tell what a person is going through though!

    Take good care, and to help cheer you,...

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