Snowed in

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I picked up these buddhist meditation cds the other day, ones that specifically focus on letting go of hangups in difficult times.

Of the myriad topics it addresses and the tools it imparts, I am still left struggling with one important question today.

How am I supposed to make shitty crafts for 10 hours without any tape?

Harlow and I are snowed in today after a rogue storm coated the south with about 3 inches. Not much to make a snowman but plenty to make the roads a skating rink from here to the outer reaches of the burbs. Nothing brings out my parenting insecurities than an impromptu day long vacation where doing the obvious - like going outside and playing in the snow - ranks on the child's wishlist around "getting hair washed" and "playing one activity for more than 2 minutes."

The default activity in past snow days has always been crafting. And this is the problem. I'm not a crafter. My crafts and the ones my daughter produce could easily be confused for one another. And where my husband delights in the Seussian-instructions (cut out the zebra - no, not that one, the zebra cat that is married to the Farmer. WHERE DID HIS SHIELD GO???) I cringe as I get bossed around, derided for my not following instructions and belittled as if my 3 1/2 year old has suddenly become the batshit crazy, manic-depressive film producer I worked for right out of college.

But honestly, I am going to try to put my newfound meditation skills to work and just let it go. Try to be present in the moment of making doomed game spinners with spiral bound notebook paper and tape and Valentines with space monsters and a self portrait that looks like, well, a space monster. I hope in between all the yelling and ordering around and aborted drawings, she will at least have the memory of me showing up. And then distracting her with homemade cookies and a Disney movie.


  1. She needs a camera! "}
    My daughter is always snagging my digital and running off with it. She comes up with some pretty great compositions too.

    Then she can take pictures of the cookies and disney movie and when she gets older, she can say "seeee?? this is where you tried to distract me because you didn't have tape."

    {also, double bonus, proof you showed up} "}

  2. She will have wonderful memories.....the good thing is they will be hers, and not our scary thoughts of how she will remember....Have fun with her while snowed in.....

  3. We used glue instead of tape. Our homemade Valentines are rad!