She is Number 4

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

she is number 4

This has been quite the year, Miss Thing. You happily spent the majority of your time hanging at the loft, sleeping in a windowless room, bathing in a plastic keg tub and generally charming the entire occupancy of the building. We explored South Main, rode the trolley, pedaled your bike over to the bluffs where we'd make chalk drawings and watch the sunset. You started ballet, gave up on ballet, tried to talk your way back into ballet and tentatively made some forays into tae kwon do.

But you are mainly a pinkalicious princess and unrepentent daddy's girl. You come to me in the morning only if daddy has already left for work and then grudgingly so. I don't blame you. He is pretty awesome.

Hey! You found a worm!

she is number 4

Just like your mom and dad, you flourished when we moved into the new house, reveling in your candy cane striped room, your real bathtub and the ability to just walk outside, no elevator required.

Your best friend is Adelaide. You adore your cousins. And sushi. Tonight you requested that you only eat sushi for dinner for the rest of your life. You have discovered the interweb, preferring to play and showing a dexterity with mom and dad's Iphones that is borderline frightening.

You're kinda obsessed with death as most kids first hearing the notion would be, but you've developed a lovely reincarnation theory that we come back in the ocean. You've requested that I help swim you to the surface, a notion so unbearably lovely that it makes me tear up everytime you mention it. You also have declared that you never want to get married or go to college so you can live with me forever. Right now that sounds just fine to me, too. You also added that you want me to be pregnant for you so you never have to have a big belly. While I sympathize, I can reassure you that ain't happening. But mommy loves you!

While the crazy that is 3 1/2 sometimes spun you into a frenzy, you are turning into such an amazing, nurturing soul. You love babies and toddlers and puppies and chocolate, so perhaps you are destined to open a posh boutique incorporating most of those items. Or at least blog about them.

Happy birthday, light of my life. Thank you for four special years of being Harlow's mom. I can't wait for baby to see what a kick-ass big sister he/she has.


  1. What a loverly bunch of things to say! Made ME tear up a bit! Happy birthday to Harlow!

  2. Made me tear up too....She will love reading this one day.

  3. Wow ... my kid's 4th birthday is today too! Just think ... four years ago today ...

    Well. Happy birthday to your beautiful #1 girl and my #1 (but third child) boy. What a great day that was and it is!

  4. Happy Birthday Harlow!

    Loris looked at Harlow's photo and said, "She used to be my friend, right?"

    Perhaps one day they will meet again!

  5. She is lovely. Happy birthday!

  6. Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes! Now just gearing up for the next family member's actual birthday...