Smooth Move

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


First things first. I may not have drawers to store any of my clothes, but at least all of the heels I haven't worn in 6 + months have found their rightful home in my new closet - the closet that my husband built.

Have I said lately what an amazing badass of a husband I have? I mean he'd HAVE to be a badass to be trusted to turn this freakshow into a liveable space, right?


I can't wait to show you After pics. Unfortunately we haven't quite reached the After stage yet as that spot is currently swallowed up by boxes, trash bags, and papered-over windows (our de facto privacy screen against cars in the adjacent alley). But trust me when I say that the boy deserves all the praise coming his way for truly a jaw dropping transformation. And right now, as chaotic and cluttered and unfinished as it all may still be, I am just grateful. Grateful we have a roof over our heads, grateful our marriage is still intact after the 2 + years of haggling over just what our home could be, grateful to have a husband sweet enough to put on a movie and carry over my mountain of boxed up books one box at a time, waiting patiently as I squealed over my newly-discovered journal that documented our falling in love, and silently squeezing my hand as I realized I was falling all over again for the amazing person he has proven himself to be.

And now if he could just install some drawers for my closet, he would be perfect. And that towel rack. And an island top. And my desk :)

Love you, baby.

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  1. Can't wait to see the after pictures! No rush...I know these things take a while!