Birthday Boy Pt 1

Monday, April 18, 2011


Just like before, it's quiet, here on the otherside.

Declan is asleep (DECK-lan, for the curious) It's what he does best, eat and sleep. My son, (my SON!) already a champion on his fourth day of life. Honestly I wish he would wake up, because it's kinda boring having already caught up on my DVR and laundry. I'm seriously considering scrubbing some toilets because they're not going to clean themselves and clearly, I've got some time. So wake up little man!

And should I just go ahead and tell you?

Don't hate me.

He slept for six hours last night*.

(It's ok if you hate me. My boobs - I mean, the Twin Mt. Vesuviai, LOATHE me)

I feel ok telling you this because I know its not going to happen again. I fully expect to have about an hour of sleep tonight, so I'm just reveling in this awakened state.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Ultimately it would not be the pineapple or the spicy food or the sex or the marathon walking that brought Declan into the world but a scheduled trip to the hospital. I NEVER thought I would go past my due date. When I found myself revving up into contractions and still no baby after the 11th, I was still in disbelief. Disbelief that the appointment I'd made for my induction on the 14th would actually stand. (I actually laughed at the lady who called from the clinic, merrily informing her that sure, 7:15 on the 14th sounded fine as if I would ACTUALLY BE THERE) Sure I would get tickets for my husband and daughter to see a show at the Orpheum on the 15th. Sure it was fine for Caleb to play a show later that day on the 15th. Baby would be here for at least a week at that point.

But then I was staring down the 14th, and baby just wasn't coming out.

I didn't want to be induced. My daughter was induced because of my "high risk" pregnancy, and I wanted to let this kiddo come on his/her own. My doc didn't, and there will always be a part of me that will be sad over that fact. But I don't want my own birthing insecurities/fear of judgement on how he came into the world (truly - how odd there is such a thing) color what was an amazing day.

Three hours after my labor began, I was fully dilated and ready to push and laughing. I don't even remember what he said, but my amazing man held my hand, cracked jokes, and over the chorus of nurses chanting for me to push, his voice guided me and helped me laugh and cry my beautiful boy into the world. Harlow came in with her dad, took one look at brother, and promptly announced that he couldn't come into her room. She's already taking her big sister duties very seriously.

Little man is tiny. 6 pounds 14 ozs and skin that puddles around his knees and ankles as if he was wearing a suit that needed to be tailored. We may finally spring for preemie diapers as he is swallowed up by the newborn kind. He is blonde as his sister with grey-blue eyes that just aren't open enough to my liking. I don't even dare to judge his temperament after only 4 days, but currently he is calm and sweet, just a mellow soul who I want to inhale. I didn't realize how much I missed that new baby smell.

*24 hours after I wrote this I can confirm that this was a one time performance, no repeat feat of magic


  1. Yay!!! He came out!!! You're awesome!!!

    I (kind of) love the simplicity of how they sleep and eat and poop and sleep and eat and pee for the first week or so ... though it is exhausting in its own way.

    I love how each birth is whatever it is, and a perfect birth is one where the baby comes out, as opposed to one where it works entirely to plan. (And if you knew what my plans were -- my poor husband -- you would understand how much I cling to the "the coming out is the important thing" mantra. Alls well that ends well, is all I can say.)

    He has lovely -- and tiny! -- toes.

  2. Better to laugh your way through a birth than scream!

    I love how just about every baby born in Memphis in the past 10 years had that very swaddling blanket. Both of ours!

    Can't wait to meet dude.

  3. Those are the cutest toes! And I have seen a lot of cute toes in my lifetime!