Old Wives Tale Tests

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Over dinner last night, I smiled at my husband and said, "you know, I'm really ready for this kid to come out because I just can't wait to meet him/her." He just stared at me and said, "That would be nice. If it was true."

He can always tell when I'm lying.

At 39 1/2 weeks of pregnancy, I'm done. I want the kid out. I want to stop feeling like I have a bowling ball dropping onto my bladder before lodging in my butt everytime I stand. My doc wants the kid out not much longer after my due date, so we've signed his/her eviction notice for a date in the near future. But I would really like baby to enter the world without unnecessary medical intervention.


Because my due date is mere days away, I figure no harm can be done by indulging in the various old wives tales that purport to nudge little kiddo into the world. Spicy food's got to be a bit more kind than pitocin, right? I'm going to try as many as these as I can and report back on my findings. So if I disappear for a bit, you can safely bet that one of them worked. Or baby felt sorry for me and my ridiculous tests and decided to get a move on.

The first report up soon!


  1. good luck! can't wait to read about your research!! and meet your evicted child!

  2. pizza with ham, pineapple, & jalapenos.....that's the trick. I had that for dinner the night of my due date, and my water broke at 2:30 that morning.

    good luck!!