Four weeks

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Days have settled into more or less of a routine. Baby eats, then baby screams, then baby spits up and (finally!) poops and then mama reads the contents like tea leaves, googling what "green, mucus-y" diapers means to the internet.

Glamorous, non?

While I haven't completely ruled out food sensitivities, it sounds like the likely culprit is my milk oversupply, a benign sounding "problem" until you see - and hear - the affect undigested lactose has on a wee one. It's like living in a tiny town that has only one restaurant with one dish that gives you food poisoning everytime you eat there, but then, what else are you to do? Not eat?

It's not all gloom and doom around here. The fussing *usually* is relegated to the daylight hours, letting us get enough sleep to handle the fussing in the daytime. It' s just becoming demoralizing, this sitting down to write and then baby firing back up again just when you have managed to cobble together a sentence. I suppose I am going to have to become super adept at working in minute-long increments. That's how are brains are trained, post-Twitter and Facebook, right? And how Brad Pitt must get anything done in between shlepping 6 kids and -


I'll be back...


  1. Ah, the green poop. It wasn't until my third, a boy, that my ample supply of milk truly became an issue. With the first kid, the letdown is fairly slow, when I had my second, my first was still nursing so ... demand always outstripped supply ... and when I was crazy with milk, my eldest was, like, the most amazing secret weapon EVER! When I produced too much for my first, I had to pump the excess (carefully of course, so as not to tell my body to make more). When I was too full and my second baby didn't want any more, I would call, conspiratorially to the first, "Psst, kid. Wanna nurse? ;-)"

    But my third, my first boy. It was not pretty. He was not a really great nurser, thankfully as a latter child, I didn't take it personally like I would have previously. But it was so bad, with the puking up everything, all the time, that I saw a lactation consultant, the best one in town. Hilariously, though, or maybe not, she didn't really know much of what to tell an overproducer as she specialised in unders. The help she offered was to only feed my little guy in a sitting upright position (him, and therefore me) which was really really brutal at night time. Someone told me they had a boy, and that this is not uncommon to boy babies, and that hers stopped the vomiting at 10 months. I focused on that number as if my life depended upon it.

    I nursed that kid up until last summer (he turned 4 recently) and I can tell you his latch never improved. But he did stop screaming and projectiling around about 10 months. As it goes, eh?! It seems forever long when it is going on, but I was surprised, looking back, at how fast it passed, in retro. But don't get me wrong. This is not me, telling you, to enjoy it while you can. That drove me crazy, and right now the same little guy, now 4, is sitting, hip glued to my hip, "reading" a colouring book -- the littlest mermaid -- as I type. Bliss is in whatever moment bliss is in, right?!

    Whoa. Sorry I wrote such a chapter. Figures it would be about green poop.

  2. Yeah, that means too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. One easy solution that often works is to nurse on one side per feeding.

  3. Hey there, I agree with Sassy (!), we had this problem with the boy too. It is too much foremilk. I solved the problem by using one boob per session. I was totally lopsided between sessions, but the poo went back to normal and the baby was happier! Good luck!

  4. Torsten's pediatrician was a godsend when it came to nursing issues (and we had a number of them). 2 words- Julie Ware. She is fa-bu-lous and the only pediatrician in Memphis that is also a breastfeeding specialist. If you get to the point where you think you could use the extra resources, let me know and I'd be happy to forward you her contact info :)