Little Disco

Monday, June 27, 2011


Have you been to the Little Disco?

If you're in Memphis and are in with the 7 and under scene, you really should go.

I was thrilled to learn of its existence after Stacey's and my failed efforts to get Baby Loves Disco to set up a franchise here. (Too dang expensive). I might argue that Little Disco may be too pricey for it's own good, (RockNRomp only charges $5 per adult and kids are FREE) but I get why they ask for $10 per person (that goes for each kid) There is the dancing, naturally, but the kids also get their faces painted and have a meticulous balloon artist on hand. A portable library was set up in the corner for those less inclined to booty-shake. There's chair massages for adults. Hand paraffin massages. Free snacks.

And maybe 30 people, total, showed up.

It's a great setup. I just worry that the pricey cover may ultimately scare away a family of four looking for something fun and affordable to do. I think doing away with some vendors to lower the cover charge would be worth it, my 2 cents.

But it WAS fun. I really want it to catch on as Harlow and my 2 nieces had a blast.


It was kind of thrilling to see Harlow shout out I LOVE THIS SONG! when Footloose played, watch her sprint around the dance floor, alternately doing her weird Twyla Tharp/Solid Gold gyrations and breakdance (I blame this video)

About halfway through our visit, Harlow went over to the library and I joined her at the table. We flipped through a cool popup book when she sighed.

The boys are SO ferrrusstraaating.
(Um, I know!) Why are they frustrating?
Because they just run and run and don't do what I want them to do.
(You're learning young, grasshopper) Ok.

She jumped up from the table.

Where are you going?
To go frustrate the boys.

(Oh dear) Oh dear.


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