Sears Crosstown

Thursday, September 8, 2011

This past week I had the opportunity to location scout the Sears Crosstown building, a million square feet of rambling, dessicated factory space that dominates the landscape in my midtown neighborhood. It's been considered for an arts program makeover, currently hosts artists' networking events and most recently, hosted a kinda lame music video featuring Justin Timberlake. But last Friday it was mine to explore. The day was a scorcher. The building has no air conditioning, and I did not have a babysitter, so after I climbed andclimbedandclimbed my way up to the tippy top of the that sucker, wearing the baby, a purse and my Nikon slung around my shoulder, I was dripping with sweat but rewarded with some amazingly cool spaces to potentially use in an upcoming photo shoot.

This was once the Sears cafeteria. Does this not look like something leftover from those 1950s atomic bomb test films?

nuclear winter

Some great, sprawling factory space:


This room looked like Tesla's workshop to me. I don't know what the hell was going on in here, but it looked difficult, mysterious, oily and very photogenic.



  1. These are great photos- I've always wanted to visit an empty building, so atmospheric and mysterious!