Monday, November 7, 2011

I had the gorgeous Sabine* over to my home for a studio shoot. I'd been itching to shoot a boudoir session without the usual bed/window trappings, instead relying just on headshots and movement in front of a seamless backdrop to capture the loveliness of the human form. And funny how this town works. I had seen Sabine at her old place of business, wishing I knew her so I could take her photo because she was just that freakin stunning. And lo and behold she's now a friend and partner in crime. I mean, this woman was born to be photographed, no?


More loveliness to come!

*not her real name. I give all my boudoir clients pseudonyms whether they ask or not, cause it's a little naughtier that way.

** want to get captured? Want to let your significant other to know that you are going to give yourself the gift that truly keeps on giving? Give me a shout to book your session. Gift certificates available!

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