She's Brave of Everything

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So I was trying to write this post about Halloween, and about how my little Queen of Hearts is suddenly a much more fearful creature than this time last year. She used to be brave of everything, because obviously, the opposite is scared of everything.

I was telling her there is nothing to be afraid of which is really the first of many lies we tell our children, but parenting is nothing if not leading by example. I've been telling her there is nothing to be afraid of when I feel my daily existence is based on avoiding the things that terrify me.

And what scares me most right now?

Dying a mean, jealous, embittered old woman who failed to have the strength to finish her novel.

November is National Novel Writing Month, and while I will not be officially NaNoWriMoing because I already have a quarter of the thing written, I will be working off the energy and passion of all those trying to write their first drafts in the next month. The plan is to have 50,000 more words written by December 1.

So posting will be light this month. Between the shoots and the editing and the diapering and the not sleeping, there's not much left over for writing, but this sucker is gonna put me in the ground early if I don't try.

So wish me luck. I'll see you soon.

Especially if I'm procrastinating.