Pocket Full of Sunshine

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

With our spate of March birthdays at their end (hmmmbaby??), our house is rife with not just birthday cards, but singing birthday cards. Harlow has taken to carrying them around with her, playing them in the car, hiding them from mommy so she can't pitch them the second her back is turned...

But due to her newfound love of the musical card, I couldn't resist sharing this little gem with her from Easy A. She now wants to watch this more than listen to any of the cards...so....yay? The only way I know to get this freaking song out of my head is to pass it along to you, so enjoy!

She is Number 4

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

she is number 4

This has been quite the year, Miss Thing. You happily spent the majority of your time hanging at the loft, sleeping in a windowless room, bathing in a plastic keg tub and generally charming the entire occupancy of the building. We explored South Main, rode the trolley, pedaled your bike over to the bluffs where we'd make chalk drawings and watch the sunset. You started ballet, gave up on ballet, tried to talk your way back into ballet and tentatively made some forays into tae kwon do.

But you are mainly a pinkalicious princess and unrepentent daddy's girl. You come to me in the morning only if daddy has already left for work and then grudgingly so. I don't blame you. He is pretty awesome.

Hey! You found a worm!

she is number 4

Just like your mom and dad, you flourished when we moved into the new house, reveling in your candy cane striped room, your real bathtub and the ability to just walk outside, no elevator required.

Your best friend is Adelaide. You adore your cousins. And sushi. Tonight you requested that you only eat sushi for dinner for the rest of your life. You have discovered the interweb, preferring to play PBSkids.org and showing a dexterity with mom and dad's Iphones that is borderline frightening.

You're kinda obsessed with death as most kids first hearing the notion would be, but you've developed a lovely reincarnation theory that we come back in the ocean. You've requested that I help swim you to the surface, a notion so unbearably lovely that it makes me tear up everytime you mention it. You also have declared that you never want to get married or go to college so you can live with me forever. Right now that sounds just fine to me, too. You also added that you want me to be pregnant for you so you never have to have a big belly. While I sympathize, I can reassure you that ain't happening. But mommy loves you!

While the crazy that is 3 1/2 sometimes spun you into a frenzy, you are turning into such an amazing, nurturing soul. You love babies and toddlers and puppies and chocolate, so perhaps you are destined to open a posh boutique incorporating most of those items. Or at least blog about them.

Happy birthday, light of my life. Thank you for four special years of being Harlow's mom. I can't wait for baby to see what a kick-ass big sister he/she has.

Before & After

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm probably a bit premature with this post as we still have some work to do on the kitchen, but I'm just too excited and proud not to share.

I've told you before the boy is a genius. I've never doubted his vision, but even I had some trouble seeing how THIS was going to one day become a functioning kitchen.

before & after

It's now not just a functioning kitchen but a truly beautiful space, anchored by the gorgeous handmade walnut island top he finished on Friday. (And my $28 light fixture. I may not be able to do a damn thing these beyond pointing at boxes that need to be opened, but I can find me a good bargain. )

So...TA DAH!

before & after

Pretty rad, right? Can't wait to show you the rest!

The Print

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To commemorate Caleb's turning 40, my baby turning 4, my other one about ready to make his or her debut and the beautiful, insane, still-in-the-making house, I turned to local artist Susan McCannless to capture the spirit of the era. Isn't it so cute? I think it turned out quite well. I just hope she doesn't shriek when she sees the lazy dots I PerezHiltoned over the street address.

To see more of Susan's amazing work, check out her blog here.

the print

Brides and Basketball

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'll be here this weekend, looking to entice brides and their unsuspecting fiances to get their boudoir on with me! Because seriously - what better place to find folks interested in sexy lady pics than at an NBA game? Should be a blast, unless, you know, my water breaks or something...

Catching up

Monday, March 14, 2011


This may be the only view of our home that does not look like a Hoarders intervention in progress. As soon as Caleb clones himself or just agrees to let me put cocaine in his morning coffee, we will be the proud owners of a homemade island top, a bar fashioned out of an old fireplace, a media center likely built out of the old island top, quite possibly my desk, and lord only knows what genius but extremely labor-intensive idea strikes next. I fully expect him to take up crocheting our 9x12 living area rug just to thumb his nose at those corporate numbers with cheaply produced, third-world reproductions at low costs and dreamy, super fast shipping...

Until then, our home is the big fat pregnant nesting lady's nightmare.

Don't get me wrong. I love this man for his dedication to his craft (and our bank account). LOVE. But I hope he won't be too surprised when he comes home to find I've hired some local fellas to liberate every box, every extra piece of furniture and cardboard and dishtowel (I clearly have a dishtowel problem) out into the street so I no longer have to graze them with my belly. I think he was duly warned when I waddled over and sobbed on his shoulder after making the mistake of trying to put on pre-pregnancy jeans on my current super-sized self. The hormones are swift, vicious, and completely in control.

God knows when our cavepeople ancestors were preparing for the birth of their kiddos, mama Cavelady was wiping that cave down with the mania of an obsessive-compulsive off her meds. Sure Cavedaddy was busting his ass trying to get that space ready, but he was simply no match for the nesting instinct that took his once lovely bride and blew her up into a bloated, cranky, JUST.THROW IT. AWAY shrew.

Even if the baby does come early and we have to bring him/her home to the chaos, we will manage. I'm sure the managers at the West Elm outlet won't mind making a little room for me on their display Lorimer sectional with complimenting Madison dresser/changing table and 2 x7 zig zag rug in ivory/flax/ clay.

Times, they are a changin

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Once upon a time, we were two young clueless parents with a sweet toddler at the center of our universe. I have proof. Proof that makes me sob like my kiddo here everytime I watch it. I love the little girl she has become, but I just want to reach out and smooch that sweet toddler on my screen. Truly. Where has the time gone?

Untitled from Melissa Anderson Sweazy on Vimeo.

Greetings from Planet Belly

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maybe you've been too busy reading the latest tigerblood tweets from The Sheen, so you may have missed some exciting news.

Astronomers have discovered a new planet. A new planet with life!

Unfortunately it is located on my abdomen.

Stay tuned for a meet and greet with the ET in approximately five (FIVE!!??) weeks.

Or whenever we actually convince the cable company to give us the internet, whichever comes first.

Planet belly

Smooth Move

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


First things first. I may not have drawers to store any of my clothes, but at least all of the heels I haven't worn in 6 + months have found their rightful home in my new closet - the closet that my husband built.

Have I said lately what an amazing badass of a husband I have? I mean he'd HAVE to be a badass to be trusted to turn this freakshow into a liveable space, right?


I can't wait to show you After pics. Unfortunately we haven't quite reached the After stage yet as that spot is currently swallowed up by boxes, trash bags, and papered-over windows (our de facto privacy screen against cars in the adjacent alley). But trust me when I say that the boy deserves all the praise coming his way for truly a jaw dropping transformation. And right now, as chaotic and cluttered and unfinished as it all may still be, I am just grateful. Grateful we have a roof over our heads, grateful our marriage is still intact after the 2 + years of haggling over just what our home could be, grateful to have a husband sweet enough to put on a movie and carry over my mountain of boxed up books one box at a time, waiting patiently as I squealed over my newly-discovered journal that documented our falling in love, and silently squeezing my hand as I realized I was falling all over again for the amazing person he has proven himself to be.

And now if he could just install some drawers for my closet, he would be perfect. And that towel rack. And an island top. And my desk :)

Love you, baby.