Rosie + Zach

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's part of the photographer's trade to work with people who swear up and down that they don't photograph well.

Obviously the majority of folks being photographed for an engagement shoot aren't professionals, so there's some nerves, the apologies for cracked lenses, a lot of photoshop work in post. Hell, there is a reason I shoot people rather than seek out the other side of the lens.

But there is nothing like the potent combo of dopamine and adrenaline that rushes forth in the presence of two people in love that turns the non-pros into naturals before the lens.

Rosie and Zach were silly, sweet, romantic, and born to be photographed together. I can't wait to capture their big day!













Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beachy keen

By the time you read this, I will be on the road for a Thanksgiving adventure in beachier, sunnier climes, ideally with family members who are not 1) running a temperature on par with the sun 2) vomiting 3) breathing without being confused for Darth Vadar and 4) needing to physically be on my person for their healing, eating, boredom needs. It has been a long three weeks, and I am - wait for it - thankful - truly thankful that my family is recovering.

And going to the beach.

What else am I thankful for?

You, of course. My amazing clients who have given me the privilege of capturing their families as they grow.

Even if they weren't always thrilled by my presence.


Happy Thanksgiving!

7 months

Monday, November 14, 2011

7 months

Declan is seven months today. What is 7 months? 7 months is just a shocking amount of happy and general bonhomie, except when being fed green vegetables or placed on his stomach for longer than he would like. Or me watching anything but the Daily Show on Hulu while I nurse him, because how else would be get his news? This child has not met a stranger, beaming at anyone who comes across his baby blues. He sits up for long periods of time, eats the hell out of some sweet potatoes, and generally seems to enjoy being strangled by his well meaning sister on a daily basis*

While seven months is remarkable milestone in itself, it also marks seven months of fractured, fitful sleep for his parents. Work has been off the charts busy, and I've been taking lots of pictures of babies, talking to parents about their babies. And I swear it feels like I am the only parent whose baby doesn't sleep.

I know this is isn't true. You all have told me as much.

But not sleeping well for seven months, averaging maybe 4-5 hours nightly, is taking a serious toll. At his longest, Baby D sleeps six hour stretches, but never after midnight. And while his disposition is unfailingly cheery, his health remarkable, Caleb and I can't say the same.

I look awful. I feel awful. I don't have enough energy to exercise. I have frequent headaches from interrupted sleep. I can't remember shit, often forgetting to pay bills and mixing up appointments. I even started giving the baby formula, hearing anecdotally that the additional calories would help the baby sleep.


While feeding the baby and feeding myself, I was skimming an article about willpower and how multitasking and sleep deprivation - through depletion in glucose and overloading certain parts of the brain - are documented motivation killers.

That stopped me in my tracks.

Sleep begets sleep. No sleep fucks everything up. So I guess my job right now is to just be at peace with the fact that I won't get much accomplished for the time being. I'm trying to take comfort in that maybe biology is at play in my inability to work on my novel at this time. Or maybe I was just crazy to attempt it during my busiest work season yet. It certainly doesn't help that my entire house is suffering from a ubiquitous cold, so I know when we all start breathing better, we will (ideally) start sleeping better.

Now if only I can remember to tell you if we do.

*Harlow's love for her brother is rather awesome to behold. She's his own personal troubadour, smothering him with hugs and making up songs on the fly. Sample lyrics:

You are the KING of babies
The KING of babies!
I love you I love you I love you
I love you so much
I won't throw you away in the trash can.

Another fave

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Opus One

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

opus one

Tonight is the night!

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra will be performing at the New Daisy as their alter ego, the hipper, edgier Opus One. Their special guest?

Rapper Al Kapone


I was honored to be chosen as the photographer to shoot the publicity campaign, and what that entailed was staggeringly talented musicians, jook dancers, gangsta rapper Al Kapone, and gleefully happy me inside the crumbly old Sears Crosstown building snapping away. It's been fun seeing the images pop up in the local paper and online, and I made the Flyer cover! Now it's time for Opus One and Mr. Kapone to bring it!

I'm just looking forward to Whoop that Trick set to violin and harp.


Monday, November 7, 2011

I had the gorgeous Sabine* over to my home for a studio shoot. I'd been itching to shoot a boudoir session without the usual bed/window trappings, instead relying just on headshots and movement in front of a seamless backdrop to capture the loveliness of the human form. And funny how this town works. I had seen Sabine at her old place of business, wishing I knew her so I could take her photo because she was just that freakin stunning. And lo and behold she's now a friend and partner in crime. I mean, this woman was born to be photographed, no?


More loveliness to come!

*not her real name. I give all my boudoir clients pseudonyms whether they ask or not, cause it's a little naughtier that way.

** want to get captured? Want to let your significant other to know that you are going to give yourself the gift that truly keeps on giving? Give me a shout to book your session. Gift certificates available!

Babes in the Woods

babes in the woods


I love people. I love my camera. I love taking pictures of people with my camera.

But this weekend was one of my busiest on record with four shoots, a 5 year old's birthday party, Rock n Romp, and two kids spewing crud from their noses and lungs, so I'm plum. tuckered. (Also the name of my band if I ever get around to learning that ukelele)

Harlow was still sounding like a formula one pit crew was trying to find its way out of her chest, so it was decided she stay home. And truth be told, I missed my kiddos something fierce. It's been an all day cuddlefest. The weather was lovely enough for us to stroll over to the zoo and back again for an impromptu midday slumber party in the yard. And yes, that's the hotly contested, almost-finished, sure to be kickass garage in the background. Or magical princess palace, considering who you ask. If mama gets her firepit out front, you can call it whatever you want.

I love my babies.

Cece: Sneak

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A fave from last weekend's baby session in Tupelo.


She's Brave of Everything

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So I was trying to write this post about Halloween, and about how my little Queen of Hearts is suddenly a much more fearful creature than this time last year. She used to be brave of everything, because obviously, the opposite is scared of everything.

I was telling her there is nothing to be afraid of which is really the first of many lies we tell our children, but parenting is nothing if not leading by example. I've been telling her there is nothing to be afraid of when I feel my daily existence is based on avoiding the things that terrify me.

And what scares me most right now?

Dying a mean, jealous, embittered old woman who failed to have the strength to finish her novel.

November is National Novel Writing Month, and while I will not be officially NaNoWriMoing because I already have a quarter of the thing written, I will be working off the energy and passion of all those trying to write their first drafts in the next month. The plan is to have 50,000 more words written by December 1.

So posting will be light this month. Between the shoots and the editing and the diapering and the not sleeping, there's not much left over for writing, but this sucker is gonna put me in the ground early if I don't try.

So wish me luck. I'll see you soon.

Especially if I'm procrastinating.