Mr. Wizard is mine

Monday, January 9, 2012

You might not know I snagged Mr. Wizard.

I married him, bore his children and now occasionally provide some light housekeeping so he can work his magic around our little abode.

That used to look like this fright show.

In the 9 or so months since moving in, Caleb has built an archway to the entry, built our wooden island top, rearranged the downstairs layout three times, reorganized the laundry area four times, tiled the kitchen backsplash, built a wooden fence, rebuilt Harlow's bedroom nook, and for his latest feat, transformed a vintage map table into a coffee table/art station with functional storage. Of course, this is after physically rebuilding the house himself, installing and staining the wood floors by hand, turning a card catalog into my desk and what's that, Inferiority Complex? Cool it for now?


Weekends often find us scouring the West elm outlet, yard sales, and Summer Avenue antique stores, and we scored this guy several months back.


I fought to preserve the shelves as is, because they are undeniably cool. But our space is undeniably cramped and in desperate need of storage space, so Caleb came upon an elegant if not labor intensive solution.


The map table was built in two sections, so he selected the top portion for our coffee table, reconfigured the drawers so they could actually CONTAIN shit and not awesome, wildly impractical maps. He returned the exterior drawer panels and hardware so it would look like the original strutcure and outsourced it for a snazzy new paint job. The bottom half of the structure is now the drawer inside Harlow's reconfigured bedroom nook which will get its own post some time soon. More to come of our home's amazing transformation, thanks to my man's talent and determination and my growing addiction to pinterest.



  1. That is a fantastic before and after. Great rug, too.

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