Philip + Savannah

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybe it was the cat's cradle of contrails in the sky this morning, my giant cup of coffee, or perhaps Savannah's oh so perfect shade of lipstick in her photos with Philip, but I've got love on the brain.

Are they not just swooningly perfect together?

It makes total sense that wedding photographers should be married. TO EACH OTHER. Who else would totally get their client's big day as well as they would?

They are excellent shooters and excellent partners and I was beyond thrilled to get to hang with such a lovely couple AND hang out in front of their lens. Memphis has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great photographers, and these guys are heading the pack. And making me wish I could convince my husband that hanging out with me for 12+ hours on the job would be a blast!


philip + savannah



  1. These are beautiful, the colours really add to your fantastic photography and they are obviously comfortable with you.

    And, um, I checked out their site. The shots of you are absolutely gorgeous too.

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