The Staves

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was a bad beginning to a date night.

He was late. The babysitter was already on the clock, Harlow all but tossing my purse and umbrella out into the rain so she could get on with her night of TV and late bedtime debauchery. He hustled in, shaking off the rain only to be hustled promptly back out by a wife tired of cleaning up baby puke and ignoring that burgeoning sore throat.

The bar was full of blonde and silver divorcees and men in ties, a vaguely creepy scene, but we bellied up to the bar, sharing a pizza and some Rick Santorum jokes, and the wine began to smooth out the prickly sore throat. And maybe it was the wine, but it was so incredibly sexy to just listen to another human being talk, and be heard, and not feel obligated to spoon pureed sweet potatoes into the mouth in front of me.

We made it to GPAC in the cold drizzle, hoping we had missed the opening act, cause you know, that's how we're trained, right? We were ushered into the dark theater, appearing to be maybe the ONLY people to arrive late. Of course our seats were the dead center of our row. We squeezed down the aisle, flicking raindrops onto silently fuming strangers. Don't they know they are supposed to skip the opener, I reasoned. Yeah, it's these people in MY way when I'm the one on time.

And we sat down, and not only did I eat my words, I choked and sputtered on them.

We came to hear The Civil Wars, and I left in awe of The Staves, the three-sister opening act who had nothing but an acoustic guitar and three gorgeous harmonies. Even my jaded folk rocker hubby was mesmerized by the simple beauty of each song (and maybe by those lovely British lasses as well). It was a warm, cozy evening, and I woke up the next morning with "Mexico " on the brain.

And a raging sore throat.

The Staves - Mexico (Official Music Video) from The Staves on Vimeo.


  1. Even Buddy stopped by the door and listened to the beautiful sound.My day was already looking like it would be a good I know for sure.Thanks for sharing.

    I also love the image of Harlow hustling you out the door. Love...Grandma Sue (aka PapaSue)

  2. Do y'all like Jason Isbell? He is a prolific Facebooker, so be warned. BUT, he just posted about The Staves last night. They're blowin' up. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. We were *thisclose* to getting Jason Isbell play our wedding b/c Caleb is a huge fan! Nice to know he's rooting for The Staves. I'm so happy we didn't miss their set!

  4. I also have to thank you for turning me onto The Civil Wars. I've been kind of a music flunkie lately... They are fantastic and I can't stop listening to them!

  5. Yeah,They are fantastic and I can't stop listening to them!chnlove review