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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We all want to put our best face forward, and considering that so much of how we communicate these days is by scribbling off 140 character missives and status updates that your friends, ex-lovers, future bosses and stalkers peruse next to a big fat photo of YOU, you kinda wanna look nice, right?

Because I shoot boudoir photography and because Christa Meola made me look smokin hot, an arty black and white photo from our session has been my go to profile pic across the board. It was a great representation of what I was trying to represent, that it is ok and feminist and hip to declare yourself beautiful and be strong and sepia is flattering and what IF I might be naked beneath that flower in my hair?

And then this happened:

Client: Hey! um, WOW! Nice to meet you!

Me: So nice to meet you!

Client: WOW! I Your Facebook photo is really beautiful!

Me: .....

In my defense, I had a fever of 101 when showing up to the gig and couldn't cancel, but all of a sudden I was that guy! I was the handsome in a non-threatening way guy who had been writing to you on about my love of movie marathons at the local arthouse and artisanal pickles and greyhound rescue and then I show up at your door, bald and gassy and smelling like pickles and like I might live on the floor of an arthouse cinema.

The shame.

In any case, I'd been feeling it was time for a new headshot, and that is when these awesome people came to my rescue. Savannah and Philip also happened to be in the market for new headshots as she is in rocking a killer fauxhawk and that dewy, 20-something, poreless gorgeous skin that could sell skin cream to a, well, me, so we spent an afternoon trading pics. They made it truly fun to be on the otherside of the camera for once, even though it was freakishly warm and humid and my hair started to rise up and puff like it had a date for cotillion.

So here I am, coming to a social media site near you. And yes, I know it's not hip to pose a profile pic of you with your kid, but as D qualifies as a third appendage, I say I'm not breaking any rules. Thanks, Savannah and Philip!


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