10 Months

Monday, February 20, 2012


If this month has a theme, it's getting sh*t done.

Teeth? Check. His debut tooth just cut its way through!

You want cool tricks? We've got waving. We've got clapping. We've got classic crawling up on hands and knees. We've got pulling to standing. We've got an average attention span of .026 seconds which makes attempting to do anything else besides following in his wake pretty much impossible.

His favorite thing to say? MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA

Sadly, the one thing we don't have is context, but it still makes my heart melt when he says it to the coffee table.

The other thing we still don't have much of is a good night's sleep. Every now and again we will have one or two nights of good stretches, but I think we've resigned ourselves to the fact that we just got the model that really won't sleep until he is a teenager.

And when he is 14 and it is 6:30 AM, I will have my revenge.

Other than that, he' s just darlin. Truly :)


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