Skeleton Sex

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm not sure how I missed this. It's exactly the kind of wonderful, twee, hipster stop motion adorableness that design blogs eat up and spread around the internet like those baby animal pics mucking up my pinterest feed.

Maybe it's the skeleton sex that gave them pause.

But this is pretty wonderful.

Spike Jonze collaborated with handbag maker Olympia Le Tan to create a short film that brings her work to life - in this case, one of a kind classic works of fiction book covers that she has transformed into clutches. Her work is pretty extraordinary, as are the painstaking hand-cut pieces of felt that Jonze filmed to dramatic - and sexy - effect.

I'm serious. There are skeletons getting it on, so this is NSFW, if animated, adorable pieces of felt can be considered NSFW. What a world. More on the behind the scenes process and an interview with Spike Jonze here.

Spike Jonze: Mourir Aupr├Ęs de Toi on


  1. This is so beautiful I shared it (and you) on my little blog. I loved that bookstore when I lived in Paris one summer, it is amazing how the stacks lead one to the exact book they need to own. Thanks for the beautiful animation (and funny! so flippin' funny!) and the romantic trip down memory aisle too.

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