11 Months

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Oh, second kid. Already fewer photos, fewer posts, fewer nights of sleep.

Oh maybe that's why there's fewer of everything.

But these past 3 weeks you've made us wonder if you've finally turned a corner. You're sleeping in 7-8 hour stretches, just in time for us to go out of town and royally F your schedule all up. But the road calls, little dude. Suburban Atlanta ftw!

For the baby book - you crawled up those crazy stairs today all the way to the top for the first time. You are officially cruising from crayon-laden coffee table to glass front bar to cable-ridden desk, helpfully pointing out the myriad ways we've failed to babyproof. You play peekaboo with a fedora, point and wave at the ceiling fan like he's your father, laugh at your sister and shriek at me if I fail to shovel food down your gullet when in it's time to eat. Like, I may have permanent hearing damage from the shriekage. Good god you don't like it when it's time to stop eating. This only confirms you are my child, but STILL.

Most people upon hearing your name think you are Duckling. With your fuzzy old man mullet, you kinda resemble one. You are still so sweet and sunshine-y and happy it makes my heart break upon every time I pick you up. Unless you do the screamy-shriek - make mommy go deaf thing and I want to dine with you wearing those noise canceling headphones you always see angry wannabe cops wearing in the movies while they shoot at practice targets.

But otherwise, sunshine and happiness. Sunshine and happiness.



  1. Just looking at that second picture brought a smile to my face. Happy travels!

  2. Found you via pinterest, I think. Just wanted to say: gorgeous, gorgeous stairs! They are totally happy-making and I'm sorely tempted to do something similar on our simple staircase.

    Beautifully done!