Emily & Greg: Sneak

Monday, April 23, 2012


Glorious wedding season is upon us which means allergy season has pounced as well...which means if all else fails, I am a shoe-in as an extra for The Walking Dead, and I would totally save the makeup dept money as they would't need to use any. So, Glen Mazzara, call me!

My poor little corpse could use some TLC, but I'm brightened by images from a kickass engagement shoot with Emily and Greg whose wedding in June promises to be wildly romantic. More loveliness to come!

p.s. anybody else on Blogger having difficulty with the new formatting?


  1. i was having trouble with the line breaks. (looks like you are too.) when you are in post mode, there's a toolbar to the right that says "options." if you click on that it gives you the option to use enter for line breaks. the default is
    which you'd have to manually put in.

  2. the default is < br >

    lol, it made a break in the post when i didn't put the spaces in. (which it will also do for you should you prefer typing it in.)

  3. Thank you! Why would that even be an option instead of default? Anyway...Yay!