Saturday, April 14, 2012


Mama shot a wedding all morning.

Daddy served BBQ and beer to about a thousand folks at Rock N Romp this afternoon.

But the most important thing we did today was celebrate Declan Grey Sweazy's first year on the planet.

There was more BBQ and presents - the dump truck was the clear fave - and D's first inkling that there something even more fabulous on this planet than his mother, and that would be the chocolate cupcake.

He immediately wanted another.

From the babbling and yelling I hear upstairs some three hours later, I gather he still does.

Baby's first sugar buzz.

We made it, little man. And now that you have been Facebooked and tweeted and Instagrammed and blogged, my social network has been duly informed of the miracle that was you arriving on this planet one year ago today. I love you more than I ever thought I possible, especially being a boy and all. I simply had no idea what was in store.

Happy Birthday, baby boy. And now, goodnightzzzzzzzzzzzzz