Cruel Summer

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It's gonna be a long break, y'all.

Today we:

played go fish

Built Lego towers

shopped at Michaels for Shrinky Dinks (yeah! you know, Shrinky Dinks!)

made custom Shrinky Dinks on shrinky paper(!!!)

mourned funky, rolled up, failed Shrinky Dinks

played with Bubble wands

made homemade ice cream. home. made.

colored on tiny easels

colored her hair with pastel chalk

And this child was still bored.

Stupidly I gave in to her incessant "But what do we do NOW?" queries and ran through crafts and supplies that could have lasted us through the Apocalypse or at least mid-June.

But then she will be in camp mid-June and maybe I won't feel so krrrraaazy.

rainbow hair

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  1. I suppose I should cherish these days when my daughter (only 2) is content to just run around outside for an hour and look at everything because so much feels so new to her still. However, she can make a SERIOUS dent in a bottle of bubble solution if given the chance.

    Good luck with the summer entertaining :D