Year 3 Week 1 Day 2

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day

So is this the year you start kindergarten?

It's the question Harlow has received from the mailman to her grandparents, and she has two standard responses: No! I go to Montessori! OR head down, um, mom you take this, because clearly these people do not realize they are dealing with a veteran.

I couldn't help feel some guilt as I looked at the First Day of School pics all over Facebook Monday. Harlow has been going to school full time since she was 3. Montessori may seem airy fairy, but they don't mess around. None of these two...three days a week affairs. They want those kids there everyday to establish routine, and who am I to argue with well documented structure?

The other unusual - and truly awesome - thing about Montessori is the class "environment." Her classroom is comprised of 3 to 6 year olds, so "preschool" and "kindergarten," traditionally these well defined, distinct concepts, are an amorphous blob of learning - an educational amoeba, if you will. At age 4, she was already sounding out words on the page and learning simple math, and at age 5, she'll be doing a lot of things her kindergarten compatriots will be learning as well. She just can't call it kindergarten.

So here she is, not going to kindergarten but headed back to school after being rudely awakened when sleeping in due to exhausting travel the day and night before. She fakes it well. She cried at drop off. At pick up, she hopped into the car and declared it was, like, the best. day. ever.


  1. Yes! The kindergarten question! Gah. We're all glad to be back though. Thank god for structure!

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  3. absolutely. that video is a perfect combination of awesome and even more awesome. how perfect was harlow? good job! review