Law and Order

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We were stopped at a light, and I could hear Harlow trying to sound out a word. "What's that say?" she asked, pointing to a sign near the car.

"NO SOLICITING ON MEDIAN" I told her, hoping she might get interested in the billboards out her window instead.

"What does that mean?"

I explained that the homeless people that she sometimes sees on the side of the road aren't allowed to stand there to ask for money.

"What about places that don't have a sign?"

I suppose that's fine, I told her. If the place has sign, the police can arrive and give that person a ticket.

She thought for a minute.

"That makes me really mad," she said. "If I see the police, I'm gonna kick em."

I am anti civil disobedience, and my daughter gets her strong rule following streak from her rules-fetishizing mother. (You just try and cheat at Scrabble with me. TRY IT.)

But her heart is a beautiful thing.


  1. Come to think of it, I don't recaLL seeing any, "Do Not Kick The Policemen In The Shins Just For Doing Their Job - They Don't Make The SiLLy Rules Or Put Up The Signs" signs. Ah, I have been waiting aLL my life to write a sentence with two signs in a row, I can now die peacefuLLy. That, plus the other day I saw my first Spanish word with two i's in a row: polyunsaturated - poliinsaturado

    What fun ....

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