This Kid? Totally, Mostly not a Jerk

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I have an apology to make. This boy? The one referred to on this blog as something that should come with horns and a tail or holy water? He's not so bad. In fact, I confuse people when I see them out in public with Declan because 1) I'm out in public with Declan and 2) he's typically smiling and bashfully waving at them, totally not trying to punch them in the eyeball or rip out my hair in little nesty tufts.  It's confusing because the little time I spend writing on this site has dealt largely with the bad, because, well, that's what I do. Things are bad or frustrating and then I exaggerate for story purposes  blog about it. When I do manage to blog,  it's usually to talk about another frustrating month with a cranky baby.

I wrote the above paragraph a week ago. And then the shootings at Newtown happened. I just couldn't finish this post as planned, where I was going to talk about some personal issues that I hoped would explain my dearth of posting and my general grumpiness, because it just doesn't matter anymore.

At 20 months of age, here are the things that matter about Declan.

He literally trembles in anticipation of a bite of food, to hold a toy, to be hugged when you hold out your arms to him. He makes this shocked face, like he can't believe his good fortune.

If it has wheels, he MUST. HAVE. IT.

Gangnam Style is his jam, followed closely by Livin la Vida Loca. Mostly it's adorable. Sometimes its the 9th level of hell. But still adorable.

New in the vocab: WHEE! Cookie.  Next to ball and car, I'm not sure what else he needs.

You know what I need? Him. His sister, too. If there can be any good from tragedy is that it places everything in sharper relief. Makes it harder to hide behind sarcasm and jokes. I'll still joke about him here, especially when he gets jerky. But I'll take every jerky bit of him.


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