March Madness

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We start production in three days.

It is spring break. The children are at home and really, really sick of me.

While I'm managing a 1000 little details of pre-production, I am also editing a fashion lookbook.

And planning Harlow's 6th birthday party.

And Caleb's.

And prepping to photograph over 100 daycare students next week.

And an amazing boudoir session.

And I am really, really tired. It might have something to do with the police pounding on our door at 5:30 AM to inform us that an idiot driver plowed right into Caleb's parked truck, demolishing it and flipping themselves upside down. And the driver mercifully walking away from the crash. That is making me tired.

But the rest of it? It's kinda insanity, but I'm surrendering. I have a feeling April is gonna lay me low, but right now? Bring. It. On.


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