She is 6

Friday, April 12, 2013


Well, she has been 6 for about 2 weeks now, but in blog years it's like it just happened, right?

The plan was for a party. A greek myth-themed party. This winter she's been involved in an after school enrichment program where she's been studying the epic of Gilgamesh through arts and crafts and theater (at age FIVE, right?) so a Greek myth themed party didn't seem off base. At her suggestion we even made a stop motion movie of the mythological Atalanta arriving in the city via a bean bag and a rocking horse. Clearly I just should have let her plan the party. I had to get all pinterest on her and suggest instead we do an outdoor slumber party instead: guests in their PJs, everyone running around outside and decorating cardboard "cars" for a drive in movie we'd project on the fence.

Adorable. Until it thunder stormed all weekend. So many parents and siblings RSVPed that there was just no way to have the party inside our home. Easter weekend made every church gym and non-museum space unavailable. My stomach twisted in knots, I made her a deal:

cancel the party, and we'd let her have a slumber party for real. With a road trip to St. Louis (to buy daddy a "new" used work truck) to sweeten the pot. From that moment on, the party was dead to her. Not a peep about presents, just, can we watch cable in the hotel? And what restaurant is next?

The St. Louis getaway was lovely. So is she.


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