The Make Somebody Happy Challenge

Monday, December 30, 2013

In 2009, I created the Happiness Booth, a weird and wonderful pop up shop of performance art, baked goods, theme music for shoppers, and random acts of happiness. The Lovebooth was the lovely follow up. The unexpected takeaway from this? To promote it, I created the Happiness page on Facebook. You like Happiness? I control the page. Maybe not as powerful as love or sex or chocolate, but Happiness! Me! Mine!

And I've done nada with it.

Happiness, waiting to be shared. And not just liked. Sure, everyone likes happiness.

Click. You liked happiness.

But what about being happy?

You like that, right? When you're happy, you more inclined to make others happy.

But when was the last time Facebook or any other social media page made you happy?

Like that time you got sucked into a friend of a friend's supernaturally perfect wedding?
Wow. Jenny's on vacation. Again.
F--- the Bahamas.
Fabulous. Dan's celebrating his new job by skiing in Zermatt. I don't even know what that means.
Why wasn't I invited to Claire's party?
I don't need to see your abs. Stop it, duckface.
Yes. Your kid is perfect. So is your dog. And your husband. And your g*ddamn Pinterest pie.
F-- my life.

Sometimes, social media makes me feel like being anything but. So why not harness it for good? Why not use Happiness instead of letting it just sit, taking up space.

Yes! You're on board? So how do you do it?

Take the Make Someone Happy Challenge.

******January 1, 2014**********


Take the one day traditionally reserved for making yourself the ideal person you wish you can be by telling someone else how freaking awesome you think THEY are. It could be a Facebook friend, it could be your best friend who needs to hear it, but what about that acquaintance who would be blown away if they knew how you really felt about them? A stranger you always wanted to meet. The blogger you've been to shy to send comments to. Your mom. Your mentor. Your kid's teacher. That mom at your kids' school you secretly think is the coolest person you've ever met but they seem a little shy. The mailman. Your favorite podcaster. Louis CK. Ok, maybe not him. He gets shit tons of fan mail.

One day. Maybe 5 minutes. 10 minutes top. Pick one person. Pick 10. Use social media to make that person a little happier than they might have been before. Post it on their timeline, tweet it, write them a message or comment on their blog. If you feel a little doofy, attach the Happiness Badge to your post, saving this finally gave you the opportunity to say what you felt and ask them to pass the happy on. Jan 1. Take the challenge. Jan 2 you can go back to secretly hating that food blogger's perfect shot on Instagram.


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