Lean in

Monday, January 6, 2014

"I'm not afraid of swimming pools anymore, Mommy. Or no training wheels. The only thing I'm scared of is Declan." - Harlow

We're all scared of him, sweetie.

But because we were largely trapped indoors together for 2+ weeks fighting various illnesses and each other, we did our best to manage the blonde beast. Like Sheryl Sandberg recommended to Lean In to work, I decided that I would lean in to parenting a toddler version of Zeus: lean, powerful, and largely indiscriminate as to who would be on the receiving end of his destructive, Hulk-smashy rages. I'm happy to report that there is a lot less RAGE behind the rages. Now that he can say more than "wheels" and "moak" (milk) - the two things that keep his heart beating - our little tyrant has been revealed to be quite the snuggly lover. Seriously. He wants to hug EVERYTHING. Dogs, pictures of dogs, stuffed animals, pictures of plants (?), finger puppets that say his name. Socks.  Everything but his sister who falls into a pre-emo funk when he spurns her advances. So she doesn't mind it so much when he tackles her. And knocks her down. And jumps on her. I see this boding well for her teenaged years. It's when the hair pulling and biting and dragging commence that we 1) yell at her to stand up and 2) put them in separate corners and wait for the inevitable next round of bloodshed.

It's really our fault that it's taken this long for us to reconcile that we have an honest to god boy in our house. So I decided he needed to have his own photo shoot, one that shows off his crazy, wild heart. He may fight hard, but he loves his family and Mr. Owl all the harder.

* featuring a special cameo by Harlow and Beary White at the end

 photo 0ea7f0de-a898-40bd-9660-19f323e6be1f.jpg

 photo 0001dea5-8bc4-4a84-9a3b-fa470f301b0d.jpg

 photo 20e07588-c2b6-481d-a54b-9f470dcfc1f3.jpg

 photo c8306e24-d3e7-42c3-a19a-79c182bddd42.jpg

 photo 4bf96164-d5ba-46c9-aea4-59b6b7df97c4.jpg

 photo 44bbc884-5306-4de2-852a-d42ba8ccaa24.jpg


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