About Us 

Modern Medusa Head was eatableished a few years ago by a group of artists who aspire to be professionals and are able to share their skills with many others. As people who are gifted with natural talents in expressing their emotions and creativities in their works, they are more than willing to make others inspired and motivated. This is why they planned and decided on creating a place where these aspiring artists, just like them, can visit and practice their own skills and improve more. It was not easy to build this place all by themselves but with the help and support of many, they were able to succeed and finally make a place for others like them. 

At first, only a few people were interested in joining them but as time passed by, more and more came and filled the place. These people are different, some want to pursue being a painter while others are interested in dance or songs, and even writing literature by themselves. Most of these members were also young, which made the owners of Modern Medusa Head happy. It just means that even at a very young age, some people have the potential to succeed in the arts. 

Years and years passed and the place that was once the Modern Medusa Head became crowded and too small for more artists like them. This is why they built other buildings and places in different areas and towns as well. The group was more than honored to know that their mission to inspire and motivate these people to pursue what they want was really successful. They cannot believe that a simple plan and decision was able to succeed and become a big thing. Now, they are only hoping that people will continue to love arts be it classic or modern.