Hello, I was wondering how I can join the group of Modern Medusa Head. If there is any way I can join the group through this website, please do tell me, thank you. 

Hi, thank you for thinking about joining our group, Modern Medusa Head. If you’d like, you can simply register on our website. Just go to the ‘membership’ section and find the instructions that will tell you how to join. But if you have any questions, go ahead and send us a message. You may also meet us personally for registration if you want. 

Do you collect membership fees or is it free 

Hi, thank you for asking us. The membership for Modern Medusa Head is totally free so you don’t have to pay us or anything, Just register on this website and you’re done. 

Do you have any other places besides the one in Milwaukee? If yes, how can I see the other locations? I want to see if there is one that is near my place so I could visit. 

Yes, we do have other buildings in other places, such as Nevada, Chicago, and more. If you would like to see them, go to the ‘location’ tab on this website and you will see the various buildings of Modern Medusa Head. To know if we have buildings near your place, search it on the search engine for a faster way and we will immediately give the locations that are near your place. 

Hi, I’ve wanted to join your group but I don’t know if people of my age can. Is there an age limit or required age for us to join? 

Hello, thank you for thinking about joining our group. We are happy to tell you that we don’t have any required age or limits. Anyone who wants to join us, can and we are more than glad to accept you all.