Trisha P. 

I wanted to pursue arts but actually, I don’t know what kind I am going for. Dancing is my hobby but I also like to act as if acting is everything for me. I want to learn more about both dancing and acting but since Modern Medusa Head doesn’t have Performing Arts in Theater, I only went to join the dance classes. I am wondering if it’s possible to anticipate a theater acting soon or maybe just in the future? I would really love to learn more about acting through Modern Medusa Head. 


Kathleen V. 

Oh! I thought I was the only one waiting for Modern Medusa Head to actually teach us about acting as well. I guess there are many more people who want to know more about acting in theatres or other performances. Hoping that Modern Medusa Head can think about it too! 


Andre G. 

Hello, guys! Thank you for posting in the forum about your thoughts on Performing Arts in Theatre. We appreciate your thoughts about and it and are glad that you’ve been thinking about us teaching you acting as well. We are glad to tell you that Modern Medusa Head is actually planning to put an acting class and education soon as well. The group is thankful for your support and ideas, we hope you anticipate it! Modern Medusa has been thinking about doing it for a very long time and we’re so glad to know that there are people who actually want it to happen too. 


Trisha P. 

I never thought this will actually happen! I’ve been thinking about it for the past few months and how lucky I am for my wishes to come true! It will be great to learn acting as well in Modern Medusa, I will surely anticipate it!