Modern Medusa Head:  Modern Arts 

Life is about art, it is about how we appreciate the beauty of all the things in this world. Sometimes, we create these pieces of art but most of the time, they were given to us. And even though we often misunderstand the beauty of these art objects or the meaning behind them, it takes a mind and a heart to fully understand whatever these are trying to tell us or show us. It takes everything to fathom the story of the creators and the art itself.  

Art is very famous even before, that is why many legendary people were so popular up until now. We even try to learn their names, know their works, and what inspired them to be artists and paint whatever they desire. But you know, anyone can be an artist, anyone can paint, and art is not just about paintings, drawings, or sketches. It’s about the creativity and the will to put emotions even in songs, dances, or literature. As I’ve mentioned, life itself is all about art and you don’t have to be good in any of these areas just to produce an art. All you have to do is be creative and more expressive about your emotions or the story you want to share through art. Everything is all about practice or training yourself. For us, we were able to create our own place where all we do is create art objects from our garage, we were more than able to create a location that accommodates a lot of people who love art. Let us get out of our Houston broken garage door and share our memories.  

Modern Medusa Head is a place, a website which everyone can use to learn more about the arts. They accept members who are willing to take part in the group, train themselves as artists and create a path of their own. It is also a place where everyone is taught a lot about the arts from thousands of years ago. This way, anyone who will be a part of Modern Medusa Head don’t just get to do the things they want the most, but they are also able to explore more things about art. Isn’t it so amazing to know the history of things we are passionate about, learning different cultures yet practicing both classic and modern ways of expressing art at the same time?  

In this place, the group doesn’t just offer education and training for painters, artists who can draw, but also to those people who can sing, write literature, and those who can dance, be expressive and creative too. They are more than glad to accept people who love the arts and are willing to explore more things about it. Modern Medusa Head doesn’t limit the people’s abilities and capacity to learn, instead, they teach what they can but they also let these people know their abilities slowly, know their capabilities and limits by their own. This way, anyone is given the freedom to choose what they want, do what they want, and be experimental while knowing the classic and modern arts. 


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